Hot Springs

Wouldn’t you like to wake up to this?

There is no better way to relax and escape from your everyday routine than to go and take a nice long soak in a naturally heated, riverside pool. Although there are several hot springs resorts in the area, our favorite destination is located 74 km from our base in Curarrehue.  Not as close as some of the others but worth every bit of the drive, this tour takes clients up the “Magic Valley” of the Rio Maichin with stops along the way to see waterfalls and unforgettable vistas of the Andes.

Once at the hot springs, clients will have the option to soak all day in the hot pools or they may wish to hike up to see several picturesque waterfalls on the Rio Blanco and/or fish in its cold, trout-filled waters. A picnic lunch or asado can be arranged.

Overnight tours to the hot springs, as well as vacation packages combining other outdoor
activities are available.

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"These hotsprings are amazing. I want to go back and soak in them even longer this time. Thanks LJ for such an amazing time!" - Past Guest